Background to the Arab Awards

The Arab Awards are being launched to honour the very highest achievements from across the global Arab community, recognising the exceptional contributions made to the world of business, politics, sport, music and entertainment. The Arab Awards, to be held in London, will not only be staged as one of the most dazzling evenings in the calendar but, most importantly will highlight the values of hard work, dedication, ambition and success to the wider community.

Paul Sagoo
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The Arab Awards will be recognised as the most important, credible and prestigious event of this kind in the world. It will provide the much-needed inspiration to the next generation of Arabs who seek positive role models from within their community to follow. In doing so our honouree's will highlight to the western world all that is positive about Arab people and perhaps lay to rest any negative connotations they may have. We are also keen to highlight the positive attributes of Arab women to dispel any wrongful beliefs concerned with oppression and male domineering.

Paul Sagoo, Founder of The Arab Awards said: "We are very excited about providing this magnificent platform for the worldwide Arab community. We have already delivered several successful Asian Awards ceremonies and we are using this experience to cater for the Arab community. Within the Lemon Group we have already launched the Anglo Arab Alliance serving British Luxury products to the Arab world, so this is by no means our first experience working with this dynamic community. Like the Asian Awards, the Arab Awards will become the largest and most prestigious Arab ceremony in the world."